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25 Nov 2015 om 19.32
I copied the rules underneath from the old forum. Brat Mokstrof wrote these years ago, i only edited them a bit.

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
The idea of werewolves is very simple. An uninformed majority against an informed minority. The game is a repetition of two phases, day and night, just like in real life. The game starts with a day (day 1), then a night (night 1) and so on.

In the night the werewolves (minority) choose a victim to kill that night and a few of the people (majority) can use a special ability to gain a bit of information or to harrass the wolves.
At daytime all players discuss about who is going to be the victim for that day. The players with most votes will be the victim, at a tie, both players die. In daytime there are a few people who can use their ability.

Voting is done by writing the name of that player [b]bald[/b] in your post. If you want to change your vote, the new vote need to be [b][u]bald and underlined[/b][/u]. For voting you must give at least one argument, but this argument doesn't need to make sense.

The game ends when only people or only wolves are alive. Expectation: the lovers, see role of Cupido.


25 Nov 2015 om 19:33

Peoples roles:

Wolves roles:

Other roles:

25 Nov 2015 om 19:33
Order of actions:

25 Nov 2015 om 19:34
So, started to translate a bit.
I was (and still am) really busy, so i dont know when i will have the time for a game. But before i can start, i need to translate the rules first. This is a start.
14 Dec 2015 om 17:17
As elenitza said she was a bit busy i contacted her to help translating.


[b]Citizensroles: [/b]
The following additional Attributes apply to citizens with a special role:

[b]Cupido:[/b] Cupido choose 2 people at the start of the game. Those 2 will fall in love with each other.If one of them dies by an action in the game the other one will be dead too. The loved ones may not vote on each other.
Cupido will be the first to be contacted by the gameleader after the gameleader has determined who is having which role.

[b]Witch:[/b] The witch is having 2 potions. One is an Elixer of life and the other one is a deadly poison. The witch may use them in the night to save a citizen or to poison a citizen. The Witch will be contacted by the gameleader every night after the werewolves have made their choice who they want to kill as long as not both potions are used. A witch can save themself if they still have the elixer of life available.
In game it will always be clear if a witch used the poison or that someone was killed by werewolves.

[b]Hunter: [/b] The hunter can shoot his riffle when he is attacked and may kill someone with his shot (this is not required) This action can be used in the night or the day when the hunter get killed.

[b]Seer:[/b] The Seer can choose a citizen at night who he wants to see that night to learn who is a werewolf or not. At the end of the night the Seer hears from the gameleader what role the citizen has.
Becarefull though the werewolf in Sheepclothes will be seen as a normal citizen and not a werewolf.

[b]Werewolves:[/b] The citizen that will be at night a werewolves they all decide at night who will be eaten that night. Only they have special characteristics. One of the choosen werewolves can be the[b] werewolf in Sheepclothes[/b] (this wolf is seen by the Seer as a normal citizen)

Besides one of these roles a player can also have one or more of the next roles.

[b]Mayor:[/b] When during a day there is a tie the mayors vote is the vote for lynching. Most times we do not start with a mayor only when asked during a day by serveral citizen there will be one choosen by all citizen. When the Mayor dies the mayor choose who will be the next Mayor. Everyone can be Mayor

[b]Lovers:[/b] There are always 2 lovers in the game they are choosen by Cupido at the start of the game. Lovers are not allowed to vote on each other and if one of them dies the other one also dies. If the lovers are both citizen or both Werewolfs they win with their team. If we have a couple with a citizen and a werewolf they only win i they are the only 2 people left at the end of the game.
14 Dec 2015 om 17:24
Order of game actions

[b][u]Preparation for the Night[/b][/u]
1 [b]Seer[/b] tells the gamemaster who he/she wants to see.

[b][u]Night [/b][/u]
2.[b] Werewolves:[/b] choose their target on their werewolf board and eat their target
3.[b]Witch:[/b] Gets the name of the target. Answers with save the target, do not save and/or poison another target or do nothing
4.[b] Hunter:[/b] If the hunter is the target he will be asked who he wants to shoot.
5 [b]Seer: [/b] get the role of his target.

[b][u]Day: [/b][/u]
6.[b] All citizen[/b] will argue and vote for the victim that pays for the dead of the night before.
7.[b] Hunter:[/b] If he is the target that day he may also kill another citizen

Action 1: 24 hours
action 2-5 24 hours
action 6-7: 48 hours.

-Weekend (saterday and Sunday) count for 24 hours
-If you did not respond within the hours of your action then you choose not to use your action. As your action is requiered and you did not anything it does count as not voting. (See further in the rules for an explanation)

- You may not make a list of any sort to help you
- You may only look back to the day before. All other days are forbidden to access during the game.
-The gamemaster can expand a day or night if they think that is needed or with a good reason.

[b][u]Exclusion from the game[/b][/u]
It is[b] requiered[/b] to vote during the day. If you do not do that then you will get a warning (with a lightning near you in the story)If you do not take your actions during the night you will get a warning too (only by PM) If you get 2 warnings in a game you die and you have an exclusion for next game (the gamemaster may decide otherwise for next game)

If you have something during the game which holds you from your action let the gamemaster know so we can make a exception or postphone an action if needed.
14 Dec 2015 om 20:15
Thanx Irma!!
Thijs M

18 Dec 2015 om 14:10
Cool, thanks Irma.